Base one - Cover - Dark 30g UV-gelBase one - Cover - Dark 30g UV-gelBase one - Cover - Dark 30g UV-gel

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Base one - Cover - Dark 30g UV-gel

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Base One Cover Dark UV gel is masking a dark coloring of pink flesh. Very well suited for people with dark complexion.Medium density gel. Very well leveled on a plane of the nail. Gives natural color, perfectly camouflages plate and visually lengthens your nails. The gel perfectly conceals blemishes and imperfections. You can connect seamlessly with other gels.

Base One gels were created by the modern recipe that produces an extremely durable polymer chains gel mass. The appropriate alignment of the particles makes the mass strong and flexible at the same time with a very good adhesion to both the tips and to the natural nail.

HOW TO USE: spread the gel on the nail plate, cure in UV lamp of 36 watts for 2 min.

GEL TYPE: building, camouflaging

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Farah Laith Abduljabbar

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